Apple of My Eye

I dread the car rides home from daycare. Charlotte is usually restless and the last thing she wants to do is ride in her car seat home. So I usually try diverting her attention with food. Food is usually the answer to everything! Yesterday on our way home I gave her a piece of cheese that was left over from my lunch. That was gone within minutes and Charlotte was back to her fussing routine. The only thing I had left in my bag was an apple. I took one look at it and handed it back to her...anything to keep my little baby content. She held it up fascinated by it, giggled, and then sunk her little teeth into it. Now instead of cries from the back seat, all I heard was "crunch, crunch, crunch!" We made it home and I was shocked by the amount of apple she had eaten. She carried the apple around with the rest of the evening and munched on it every chance she got.

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Anonymous said...

nom nom nom

apple monster > cookie monster!

Grandma Phillips said...

That;s good! Fruit instead of M&M's