23 Months Old

This quite possibly could be the last "months" post. The little munchkin has outgrown babyhood and is in full force toddlerhood. Here is the latest...
  • She can now walk up stairs instead of crawling up them by herself as long as she has a wall or banister to hold on to
  • "Mine" is the word of choice
  • She can count to three on her own now
  • When Daddy says mouth and nose in Chinese she points to them
  • If we don't put shorts on her, she will take off her diaper at nap time which leads to regret

Little Man Ice Cream.

Already into coffee.

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Anonymous said...

happy 23rd C!

+1 for learning chinese. im sure if kayu taught her cat shell pick it up in a heartbeat. then you can take a video of her chasing garfield and friend saying cat in chinese.