Water Baby

For the past three weeks, we have gone to the pool at least once a week. Charlotte seems to really enjoy it, but I don't think it is because of the water. It is because she likes to people watch. We continually call her name to get her attention but she is so enthralled by the other kids splashing around that she doesn't even bat an eye. Today she was particularly interested in the big slide they have there. Kayu and I debated taking her down it for fear that she would freak out and never forgive us. After going back and fourth about it, we finally decided to take her down. And she loved it! She would cover her mouth going down as if she was surprised and giggle the whole way down. Then she would let out a big grin when we got to the bottom and saw daddy. I took her down three times in a row until her poor toes and hands turned blue. Then we would hang out in the wading pool to warm up and go back for some more.


My Parents Are Crazy

We have been talking about going snowshoeing for awhile now. So when I found out that the National Parks were free over the Martin Luther King weekend, I knew we had to go to Rocky Mountain National Park to test out our snowshoe skills (not that much skill is required). We arrived at lunch time, dropped our stuff off at the room, and then met up with some friends who just so happened to go snowshoeing up there the same weekend. By the time we got into the park and got to our destination, it was already 2pm. It appeared that everyone was taking off their gear and packing up for the day. Meanwhile we were just starting to layer up and put on our snowshoes. I began to get frantic because I knew people thought we were crazy for taking our little one out in the cold so late in the afternoon. As we were getting ready to hit the trail a lady came up to us and told us we were either brave or crazy for taking Charlotte along with us which only confirmed my fears. We ventured around the woods for awhile until we hit a steep path where Mama Bear became concerned about her Baby Bear so we decided to turn back around and call it a day. At the end of the hike I asked Kayu if he thought Charlotte had fun or she just though her parents were crazy. His response: "Her parents are crazy."



The next day we went to Hidden Valley Snow Play area (the only place they allow sledding in the park). Again, I thought we were 'loco' for taking Charlotte out because it was ridiculously windy...but there was other little ones there, so I didn't feel so bad after all. Charlotte had a blast going down the slope. You could hear her giggling as we went down.



More Presents!

We got a box in the mail the other day from Kayu's parents and brother. There was lots of fun goodies for Charlotte. Uncle Ka must have gone a little crazy in Barnes and Nobles because he doubled Charlotte's book collection =) He got her lots of fun squishy books and some finger puppet books which she adores. Her favorite book is 'Five Little Ladybugs' and he got her the book and the finger puppet ladybugs to go along with. Grandma and Grandpa Ng got her a red jacket (Grandma Ng's favorite color), some new shirts, and a jade ox necklace which she loves to look down and stare at. Thank you for all the wonderful presents!




16 Months Old

Time sure does fly when you are having fun. Charlotte turned 16 months today and her personality has just exploded. Here is what she is up to these days...
- She puts her hand up to her mouth like she thinks something is funny
- She spins around in circles like she is dancing
- She has learned how to sign from day care. She now signs for more, eat, and all done.
- She puts out her pointer finger and rotates it like she is chastising you
- She likes to carry around objects that are way too heavy for her
- She pulls out her collapsible tunnel from the side of the couch and wants us to expand it so she can play in it
- She is working on her 7th and 8th tooth. We never thought she was going to get anymore!
- She waves her hands simultaneously while dancing
- She has discovered the wonders of M&M's
- She cal pull out Daddy's credit cards from his wallet faster than a pick pocketer