Flyfishing on the Little Red River

I will be the first to say that I am not what one would call a lucky fisherman. Shannon will definitely vouch for me on that one. When I found out that one of my simulator instructors here at Little Rock lives on the Little Red River and usually takes his students flyfishing, I couldn't pass up the chance to attempt to catch a couple of trout from the Little Red.

Jimmie lent me a pair of waders, a rather expensive flyrod along with plenty of instruction and off we went to the river. We went to a spot just a quarter mile down the road from his house and we were in business. I think he wanted to make sure I landed a fish no matter how bad the day went by letting me pull in his first bite. It was pretty cool to pull in a little rainbow trout on a flyrod. In the end, we caught 5 rainbows with a couple of escapees. We had to call it a day because the generators were on upstream and the water level was starting to come up pretty high.

After we had the 5 rainbows for lunch, Jimmie wasn't done yet. He invited me down to his dock, just to relax and chat. However, when he noticed that the people on the dock next door were fishing with no luck, in his words: "wait here, want to see how we can piss them off?". He went to get a couple of fishing poles and worms (he has more fishing poles than some outdoor stores). Within 10 mins, we landed a 17 inch brown trout. And sure enough, all we heard was: "wow, what heck? What are you using?!"


Anonymous said...

lol kayus def hanging out w/ the right ppl. what an upgrade from shooting fish in a barrel!

Nikki said...

Nice caught!!

nikki said...

I meant to say nice catch!