I want

I miss those days when we used to go to the store and Charlotte would just lay there in her car seat wide eyed and content.

We saw a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal today and she recognized him. "Ichey" she said as she pointed to him. I gave in and let her hold and kiss him. Then I tried to sneak him back onto the shelf but she caught on and started crying.

Then we went to the running store and she started throwing the little soccer balls they had. When it was time to leave she threw a fit even though I told her she has the same mini soccer ball at home. One of the workers came to the rescue with a yellow balloon.



Anonymous said...

+1 for her finding Ichey, a new best friend. see if shes fond of eeyore also? lol id love to hear how she pronounces his name. hes mad friendly, ive no idea how she wouldnt take to him.

love the new layout shannon. very professional and clean. for a sec id thought id stumbled onto someone elses blog...some other N.Gee. clan...

Shannon said...

I will try to get her to say Eeyore

Kayu did all the work behind the new layout =)