My Other Baby

I have always dreamed of a lush garden. There is something so calming about going out in the evening and watering the plants. Now I know why my Grandma Phillips always enjoyed it so much. There is also something very fascinating about watching the different plants produce fruit. And there is nothing better than clipping the veggies of your plant and serving them on your plate the very same day for dinner. I have become so obsessive about the garden {I have to refrain from saying "my" garden since Kayu has done a lot of the work} that I once made Kayu run out in a massive hail storm to cover the plants. The hail was so harsh that Kayu came back into the house with swells on his back. But at least my plants were saved!

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Mom said...

Nice job Kayu and Shannon on your garden.
Nice pictures of your growing vegetables No pictures of your tomatoes and cucumbers.

Anonymous said...

lol @ kayu. im sure a kiss and a hug from C will make it all better. when shes not busy w/ Ichey.