We squeezed one more camping trip in before the weather got too cold. Since my friend Karen is 8 months pregnant {God bless her} and was brave enough to go, I figured I could manage with Charlotte by myself since Kayu is gone. Charlotte put a whole new meaning to the phrase "fusser wusser." She clung to me the whole time and wasn't happy unless she was in my arms. I know I should relish in this time since I know it won't last forever but sometimes I just want her to be a little independent. When the girls weren't fighting over toys, they had a blast playing in the mud {when Charlotte wasn't upset about getting dirty}, chasing each other, and kicking the soccer ball around.
Playing in the tent
Somehow smell and taste get mixed up
Silly girls

A great way to end the summer

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Anonymous said...

so many great shots of C she mustve had a blast.