What was I thinking?

I have been wanting to paint the kitchen cabinets for a long time. They were a drab oak wood with prominent grain that I was not a fan of. My kitchen currently looks like a tornado reared its ugly head through it. I am more than half way done but can't help ask myself what I was thinking to start such a large project by myself.
I have scouted IKEA (thanks to the newly opened store in Denver) and found some inspiration that I plan on buying when I make my next visit.

Picture 5
I plan on snatching up the hardware for the drawers. Kayu is not thrilled about the lights, but he will soon be convinced. And lastly, the sink is a must have. I'll have to do some measuring to make sure it will actually fit. Stay tuned for the finished product! Oh yes, and my Aunt has graciously volunteered to paint over the ugly brown that inhabits most of the house...she is the best.


Anna said...

You inspire me - is there anything you CAN'T do?

Shannon said...

Aw. Thanks Anna. There is plenty...that is why I have my sidekick Kayu.

MOM said...

That's Shannon's theme. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! HA HA Love ya!

Aunt Vicki said...

I hope someday I get to make it to your blog so that I am "the best" too!!!!