Little Miss Bossy

"Psst! Oliver" That is me yelling at Oliver to stop scratching at the plastic I laid down for painting.

"Sst! Olver" That is Charlotte yelling at Oliver.

And every minute later, she was up in face making sure he wasn't getting into trouble.

"Olver stop!"

"No cat!"

"Olver no!"

Poor Oliver. He can't get away with anything. And even when he was just laying there, she still yelled at him.

Going in for the kill
Torturing Oliver (once again).
Leroy finally gets some love.

C reads to Oliver.

I surrender.


Anonymous said...

haha she loves that fat cat so much. its so cute! i like the last pic a lot. she looks so mean picking on poor oliver and hes just about rdy to roll off the bed in compliance. hes got such furry little paws and theyre still no match for C's finger wag.

Anonymous said...

im not sure why but imagining C scold oliver and her saying "no cat!" and "olver stop!" and "olver no!" reminds me of penny from disney's the rescuers.

jujubeetleb said...

This kid needs a little brother or sister.
I think the cats agree.

MOM said...

Mom agrees with Brenda. A baby brother! Since Daddy can't read to Charlotte. Charlotte will read to the kitty. Surprised Charlotte didn't push Oliver off the bed on the last picture.
That's what her Mommy would of done, when she was younger. HA HA