10 Months Old!

Lil' Munchie is 10 months old! The girl cannot sit still! She is crawling/low crawling all over the place. She can now go from laying down to sitting on her own which makes life interesting when I put her down for a nap. It now takes an hour for her to fall asleep because she is busy sitting up playing in her crib. And she now has a whooping four teeth in her mouth!

Kayu's response when I asked him how to describe her personality..."bipolar." "One minute she is happy and a split second later she is upset." To make up for that mean response, he also said that she is very charming. If she likes someone, she continually looks over at them and gives them a irresistible smile.


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Anonymous said...

lol kayu learned the compliment sandwich from watching stewie and brian on family guy!