The Big Apple: Day 3

Sleep caught up to us today because we didn't get out of bed until 9:30...which isn't bad considering that would be 7:30 Wyoming time. We rolled out of bed and ate some breakfast. Charlotte was a good Asian baby and ate her rice porridge. I point this out because Kayu got on my case for not eating mine. We packed up the car and headed to the New York Aquarium. Charlotte is going to look at her childhood pictures and think all we ever did was take her to the aquarium. The highlight of the aquarium was the sea lion show. Before the show, the YMCA kids had a dance off between the two opposing bleachers. I felt like I was witnessing the filming of "Bring it On." Only in New York City =) That evening we had a feast fit for kings...lobster, chicken, beef, melon lobster soup, mayo shrimp & broccoli, whole fish....a full eight course meal. The constant eating throughout the previous days was supposed to prepare me for this meal...but nothing could have prepared me. As soon as I finished one plate, more food was being loaded onto the next plate. I felt like a pregnant lady by the end of the meal because I couldn't even move. Charlotte devoured all of the food once again. I don't know many ten months old that are eating lobster...such a spoiled baby. We got to meet up with all the other Ng's that live in Brooklyn. I didn't realize that Kayu had so much extended family in the area. Charlotte was passed around from one relative to the next. At one point I made the mistake of placing Charlotte on the floor to crawl around. She was swooped up in seconds because the floor was too dirty for her to play. It is too days later and my stomach is still trying to get back down to its normal size =)




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that is one big awkward turtle. little C devours chinese food like there's no tomorrow!