The Big Apple: Day 1

In preparation for our big trip to New York City, we drove down to Denver the night before and stayed at a hotel in order to catch some Z's before our 7am flight the next morning. Unfortunately we got little sleep that night. Charlotte was uncomfortable in the foreign place and I was still mortified by the beetle that I found under the sheets. We made a make shift bed for Charlotte between the two queen sized beds. She looked like she was in baby prison with a the co sleeper mattress keeping her in. She helplessly cried when we turned out the lights so we tried putting her in between us in bed. She thought I was a jungle gym because she kept trying to climb over me. An hour later we realized that our wiggle worm was not going to sleep tight for the night so we transferred her back to the floor. We managed to get four hours of sleep that night. Seven am rolled around and we boarded for our flight. There was a nice gentleman who switched seats with us so we could sit together. He had six grand kids of his own and would glance over throughout the ride to smile at Charlotte. Charlotte found him rather charming and would smile right back at him. Her smiles didn't last long...an hour into the flight she grew very sleepy and didn't want to give in to the sleep. Everyone around us kept telling us to just walk up and down the aisle with her. Do they realize how hard it is to walk around a narrow aisle dodging elbows and turbulence? I hate to admit it...but they were right. Ten minutes later she fell asleep in Daddy's arms. We arrived in NY and Kayu's dad came to pick us up. I bit my lip on way home maneuvering through all the traffic. I don't know how people drive in NYC...I would freak out every time I got in the car. When we got home we enjoyed some delicious food that Kayu's dad made, checked out Ka's new place downstairs, and wandered around the garden. My mom would be proud of all the cherry tomatoes they have here. It is amazing how they can enjoy the city life and have a little piece of rural life right in their backyard. Kayu's great aunt stopped by and Kayu's mom showed her pictures of Charlotte because she was napping. Some of my favorite quotes:

K's mom: "They took her to a pumpkin patch when she was a baby."
K's great aunt: "That is what white people do."

K's great aunt: "She has big eyes...not like us Asians."

K's great aunt: "She had mixed blood so she is pretty."

In the evening we saw Kayu's uncle and cousins. We all sat around Charlotte in a circle and she ate up the attention. She is particularly found of uncle Mikey. She likes to have him hold her so she can jump up and down over and over and over again until uncle Mikey's arms wanted to fall off.




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so subtle. its like asian boondocks.