The Big Apple: Day 2

Another rough night last night. Charlotte is still in unfamiliar territory and doesn't like the thought of sleeping in the same room as her parents. Any little creak and she is up crying. Daddy woke up with her early in the morning and she had some beef and rice flour patties for breakfast. I am amazed how the girl will eat anything. She went down for a nap and then we went to a Chinese restaurant for "yumcha" which means drink tea. We met up with his great aunt and had dimsum....plates and plates galore of food. Charlotte was not intimidated by all the food. In fact, it was hard to keep her plate full. She devoured handfuls of Chinese food which delights me. I hope she continues to try different foods. Later, we went to visit Kayu's grandmother who is the cutest little lady I have ever seen. I forget how cute she is until I see her again. I got another thumbs up from her...which is like getting the golden ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She told us that we are going to have a little boy next and we need to have one by next year. Oh the expectations! We wandered over to the beach near Coney Island and put C's feet in the water. She wasn't particularly found but it may have been because she was really tired. On the way back to the car she fell asleep in uncle Mikey's arms.




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Anonymous said...

endless little plates of chinese food + willy wonka goodness = passed out baby. looks like little c's planning to box the great big ocean another day!